Saturday, 30 April 2011

Candy stripes!

Hello you all! My break from the blog seems to have streched a bit longer then I meant it to. I started work again on Tuesday and the whole week has gone by so swiftly that my blog posts have been non-existent, I'm sorry for that and will mend my ways! I have a lot of great things for you; I got my hands on some old catalogues and will post about them as soon as I get them scanned. I also finished two garnments that had been hanging on my door for too long. The first you'll see today!

The candy striped fabric was a sale find and my plan was to make it in to a 60's summer dress. But then I found another fabric and decided to make the dress from that (I'll show you that tomorrow). So the candy striped fabric had to go back to my stash. Then one day I had a terrible urge to make something fast and simple, a circle skirt would be perfect I thought! I went to Casey's blog and read the instructions on her circle skirt and was up and ready to go. Until I found I didn't have enough of the candy striped fabric for it. Oh well, I changed my plans a bit. I took the back skirt pieces from the McCall 7686 pattern I had made a while ago and cut two skirt pieces on the fold. Then I only needed to cut a waist band and sew the whole thing together! I handsew the zipper as usual, but ended up machine stiching the hem. The skirt is unlined and perfect for summer! And for the First of May of course!

My trusted McCall.

Frills, stripes and some gold accents and I'm ready to go!
Close up on the fabric. I love!

I'll be back tomorrow with the 60's dress! And I'll be posting another Inspiration post on Monday. It's my favorite one so be sure to check it out!

Hauskaa vapun attoa! Tein pikaisen hameen suloisesta karkkiraitaisesta puuvillakankaasta. Huomenna vuorossa on kukkakuosinen mekko 60-luvun kaavasta.


  1. I just found you through Sew Retro and have been perusing your blog for a bit. You really do lovely work! Very cute skirt!

  2. Very beautiful skirt! nice stripes!

  3. Very cute skirt. The colors are so delightful! I love the blouse and sweater that you paired it with too.

  4. IHANA hame!!! Tuo tuommoinen chevron-malliin noiden raitojen ompelu on aina minua houkuttanut mutta en ole vielä uskaltautunut, ehkä se helpommin onnistuisi juurikin noin leveämmillä raidoilla. Hyvää vappua sinnekin suuntaan. :)


  5. That looks fantastic! I love the colours. So spring.

  6. I love that skirt, it's awesome! :)

    The Cat Hag