Thursday, 7 April 2011

Quick post on another grey day

It's grey and rainy again. I had a terrible desire to just stay at home and do some schoolwork and sewing. Luckily though, I found myself without coffee (catastrophy!) and so I stepped out for a nice walk to town. And as I came to the river (I live right by the Aura River) I was greeted by running water! Just a few days ago the river had ice cover and now it's all melted away! How I love spring! Anyway, I carried on and went to get the buttons (and some zippers) from the fabric store. I came home and found a brown envelope on my door step. Inside were these lovely vintage buttons I ordered just last week, now how quick was that! I got these from LillianOlive  that carries a large array of buttons of all sorts. I'll definitely go there again! I already know where I'll use the brown buttons, but the others will have to wait for a suitable project.

Look how wonderful! Heather had added those little pink buttons in the parcel as well, how sweet!

And I finished the Pink Sweetness Dress! I'll post more pictures on that tomorrow.

Seven little buttons all finally sewn.

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  1. Oh my word, I love those buttons! How clever to center the butterfly on each one. I am very much looking forward to your post tomorrow :)