Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My first blog award and some new patterns!

I was so surprised and delighted when Annabelle from Annabellepumps told me that she'd nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much Annabelle! The award goes to new bloggers and their blogs that have less than 300 followers.This way they get word out to people to go and check their blogs out. I too have a few blogs that I think deserve this honor hands down and here they are:

Annabelle herself is on my list even though she already got the award. But there's no harm in prizes when you can make dresses like this.

You should definitely go and see Liz's blog at Zilredloh. She has made a bunch of beautiful clothing sewing and knitting. I fell totally in love with this vintage knit she just finished up. I can't believe it's her first one!

I'd also like to nominate Marie from A Sewing Odyssey for her inspiring blog. How I would love to get my hands on her fabric stash, just take a look at these.

And to top this great day I have these wonderful patterns to show you that came yesterday. I do feel a bit sorry for the mailman for having to carry all this to my door, but he did make me oh so happy!

A basic 60's shirt dress. You can never have too many of these, right?

The peplum and the scalloped collar made this absolutely irresistible.

This is my favorite one and the one I was most anxious to get! A definite number in my fall wardrobe, once I get the hang of bound buttonholes, that is.

And these came too. The belt buckle is from the 30's, I only have to figure out how to make it in to a belt. Don't you think that the embroidery would go great with some dark coloured velvet creation?

And finally a little peak at my ongoing project:

Have a great day my lovely readers!


Sain ihka ensimmäisen blogipalkinnon tänään! Mahtavaa! Sain myös suunniteltua käyttöä eilen tulleille uusille kaavoille.

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