Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Inspiration week 2: Casey and her Elegant Musings

This weeks inspiration is a no-brainer to you I'm sure. Casey is someone who seems to inspire us all and her take on the vintage patterns and sewing (and knitting!) inspire me too. Casey's blog Elegant Musings was the very first vintage sewing related blog I ran into. I remember that I was looking for vintage garnments on the Internet and had read style blogs to find them, and somewhere from there I came to Casey's blog and was immediately enchanted by her style. I read all of her posts in one sitting and after that I was hooked, not only to her blog but on vintage sewing as well. So it's Casey I have to thank for starting sewing again! The thing I love about Casey and her blog is that she is so genuine in what she does. She knows her style and isn't afraid to try something new. Her sewing seems always immaculate and her pictures are just beautiful! She has some wonderful tutorials on vintage style and of sewing of course! If you haven't checked those out yet, be sure to do so! I especially love the 50's headband tutorial.

Here are some of my favorite pics and projects that Casey has made. By clicking the picture you'll get to the related post on Casey's blog. All the pictures are snapped from those posts.


P.S. My intention was to post some outfit photos today, but my allergies have gotten a hold of me and released the red-eyed monster. I'll spare you from those images and post the photos on some other day.


Toisen viikon inspiraation lähteenä on Floridassa asuva Casey, jonka blogi toimi innoituksenani aloittaa vintage-ompelu.


  1. I love Casey's blog! She does vintage style so effortlessly. And her sewing skills are beyond anything I could ever hope to make.

  2. Casey is a huge inspiration for me as well. And that green dress that you posted is one of my favorites. I really want to make one someday.