Friday, 8 April 2011

The overly sweet Pink Dress

I finally succeeded in taking some pictures of yours truly! You can't believe how difficult that is in my supersunlit apartment! (Yes it's sunny today! Yay!) I started on the dress two weeks ago, and it's been on the verge of being ready. And now it is, finally! I ended up shortening the sleeves by 4 cm but otherwise the dress is pretty much like the pattern suggests. I think next time I'll lengthen the bodice by 2 cm though, just for a better fit. It turned out supersweet, and I started to worry that it might be a little too sweet for 26-old me. Luckily I had just the cure, a metallic Armadillo belt! So here it is, my new heatwave worthy dress:

This dress desperately needs to be worn during a heatwave.
I'm pulling the fabric, that's why it looks so funny at the back.

Shoes from H&M. I'm in love with these shoes, if only my feet shared that love, sigh..
Armadillo belt from Zara. It reminds me of those old westerns with John Wayne, although he propably never wore belts with flowers on..

I have another dress on the sewing table. It's actually the muslin for the wiggle dress from an earlier post. The muslin started to look so cute, that now I'm thinking of finishing it up.


Kesän helteitä on mukava odottaa, kun kaapista löytyy nyt ihanan kevyt ja suloinen puuvillamekko!


  1. I love this dress! It looks fantastic on you.

  2. Your dress is adorable and I hope you enjoy wearing it in the warmer months!

  3. Thank you so much! It's starting look a lot better in my eyes too :)

  4. Such a lovely dress! I too love making dresses. I would do it full time if I could :)
    I'll be back to check on your sewing.