Friday, 1 April 2011

Scandinavian fashion in 1894

While waiting for the 70's dress to get finished I thought I'd share some prints from an old fashion magazine I snapped up a while ago. Fashion magazines in the 19th century were scarce in Finland due mainly to the fact that the number of women in high class (and therefore the only ones who could afford these assembles) was minimal. Only the largest cities hosted people and sewists who were able to make these dresses. The Iduns Modetidning was a Swedish fashion magazine that was read also in Finland (Swedish and French were the languages of the high class, Finnish was for common people). I've tried to read the magazine but can't understand it completely, the oldish Swedish and the old terminology doesn't make it any easier (lol). But we can always admire the pictures! So here's a flashback to the fashion of December 1894 in Scandinavia:

"Scandinavian's biggest, most elegant, most modern and cheapest fashion magazine."

Princess dress with a velvet brace.

Round hat with embroidered brim.

Collars with embroideries and pleating.


The Primcess dress from behind.

Dresses for social occasions.

Children's coat and shirts.

Dresses with soutache and velvet embellishments.
As a modern woman who barely manages a handpicked zipper, these dresses witht their incredible details are from another world. Which of course they are. I do feel a bit sorry for all the sewists who made these dresses and who propably never got to wear these themselves. And on the another I feel sorry for us, who no longer no how to make these dresses with their rich embellishments.

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