Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday indulgence

I've been hunting down a pair of nice spring shoes for a while now. I was hoping for a pair of  Chelsea Crew shoes, but they seem to have been sold out everywhere. I also got to thinking about the possible extra taxes I might be paying if I ordered them accross the sea, so I went to town to find a replacement. Lucky enough I did find a nice pair that have that 40's feel to them too, don't you think?

The shoes I wanted..

...and the shoes I found!

Since I was feeling like indulging myself a little more, I went to my favorite goodies shop and took home some new kitchen attire. And to accompany them I had to get this Karen Blixen book after I saw the cover. The film is one of my favorites and the Edwardian dresses as well, of course!

New coffee jar, hazelnut coffee and a breakfast cup to accompany the book.

My favorite outfit from the film.

Karen Blixen herself.

I do have something else for you to show too; pictures of a dress I finished earlier this week! This dress was meant to be a muslin for the real thing, but in the end I started to like the dress so much that I finished it. The bodice is of thin cotton, part of an old sheet, and the skirt is made from a thrifted children's duvet cover. I added a red satin band to give it some color. I was inspired by Sunni's wonderful use of colours. The thin cotton makes it a must to wear a slip under, but I wear them all the time anyway, so it doesn't matter so much. Because the dress is originally a muslin, it has some tucks and seams that the patterns doesn't. There's a seam in the front skirt piece, where I had to take it in some. And the weird pleats in the neckline are additions too. I actually sewed them right before taking the photos. The bodice didn't fit right and the neckline felt too big, so I simply sew a pleat on the front. The strange thing here is, that the dress I made after the muslin, don't have this problem at all. It doesn't have the sleeves either so maybe that's where the real problem is.

I'm totally channelling Hugh Grant in this one, hehee..

Click the picture to get to the video!

Have a blissful weekend!


Perjantain kunniaksi löysin uudet kevätkengät ja ihania posliineja keittiöön!


  1. Those shoes are fabulous! I love the dress - it's so flattering on you! The cut and fit of the skirt is perfect : ) The little red belt and shoes are great too.
    I haven't seen Out of Africa - I'll have to see about that ; )

  2. Great shoes. I love what you did with the ribbon on your dress.

  3. I was a bit worried with the fit of the skirt, mostly because I don't usually wear skirts that are this fitted. But after making this one, I'm considering adding a few more pencil skirts to my wardrobe!

    Out of Africa is such a great film! But for me any film starring Meryl Streep is brilliant, so my opinion may be a bit biased :) But it's worth it, if only for the dresses!

  4. Oh I have that pattern and it is next on my list to sew up! The size is the same also! It's really helpful to read your review of the pattern. Your dress is beautiful and fits you perfectly! Love the Huge Grant reference too ;-) Sam xox

  5. I think the tan pair is even cuter than the red. And congrats on the dress. That turned out lovely.