Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A little piece of heaven

My friend Kristiina is a true sewist, that is she has some schooling in sewing and actually knows how to sew, and she was going to a sewing notions shop that I've never heard of before, called Irtico. She's making a dress for our mutual friend Anne, who also came along. I joined them for a brisk day walk, since the place was just accross the river, and  also cause I couldn't resist the temptation (lol). The shop was hidden in the old Barker weaving mill (a place where my granny and her parents, the original Malmikkos, actually worked in the 30's and 40's) and when we got there I felt like I was walking in to a dream! Shelves and shelves filled with buttons, threads, zippers and along the back wall even fabrics! I could've melted there and then I tell you. My friends knew exactly what they wanted so I was left alone to wonder what to take with me. And to top it all, all the fabrics were half off and the buttons 5 cents a piece! I guess in the end the overwhelming abbundance of drool worthy notions made me settle for just a tiny bit. I also figured that now that I know where the place is I can go there anytime, since it's only a ten minute bike ride away.

I had to have these, since they have the exact same color as the lavender satin I thrifted I while back.

These are going to a summer top that has been a U.F.O for quite some time.

These yellow buttons will brighten up some lucky dress!

And these olive buttons I got for the Ceylon dress. All I need to so is to find the fabric to go with these, hehee.

Too bad the picture doesn't show the real color, this is actullay a really deep green satin that I simply had to have. It was half off, and cost 6 euros per meter, I took 3 meters with me home and am now constantly thinking of getting some more..

I finished one dress today and tomorrow I'll try and finish a skirt and another dress, so outfit photos are bound to come soon!


Ompelijaystäväni johdatti minut tänään uuteen ompelutarvikeliikkeesee, joka sijaitsee ihan liian lähellä, hehee. Paikka oli täynnä ihania nappeja ja vetoketjuja ja lankoja ja nauhoja. Oli vaikeaa tyytyä vain vähään mutta se onnistui, vaikka napit olivat vain 5 senttiä kappale! Jos paikka kiinnostaa, käykää täällä.


  1. The shop sounds fantastic! Such fun finds! Can't wait to see what you've made ; )

  2. Wow, those are some great finds. I wen fabric shopping recently as well and I already think I need to go back - as the fabric I bought would be perfect for at least 4 projects that I have coming up. The hardest part about fabric shopping is self control to buy buy too much, but also not leave behind something fantastic.

  3. You're so right about the self control Annabelle, it's so hard sometimes! I know I tend to go for the prettiest of the lot, but now I'm trying to educate myself in getting only the things that are right for me and are something I can actually use. I still am thinking of going back for some more of that satin though, sigh..

    The shop was so fun Eva! I blame myself for forgetting to take pictures of the place, but next time I promise to take some!

  4. Oh wow. It sounds like an amazing shop. I love buttons. The lavender ones are lovely.

  5. Buttons are always a must! The more the merrier! :)