Monday, 21 March 2011

McCall's yellow summer dress

Truth be told I should've spent the weekend writing my master's thesis but instead I ended up finishing two dresses. The other a fix up kind of job that I'll post about later and the other the McCall's patterns sequal. I made the dress out of old cotton curtains that I found at the Salvation Army thrift store. Since I'd already done the dress once the sewing was pretty straight-forward. I kept the dress otherwise the same as the first time, except this time I took 10 cm (4 inches) of the lenght. The dress is still quite long but I think it suites me nonetheless.

 I have to say that this pattern was a dream to sew up especially to a novice like me. Everything fit right where it should and the instructions were easy to follow (given that English isn't my mothertongue). I did do a few things differently but that was basicly just sewing some seams in a different order. The pattern instructed to add the pockets last, which I feared would be difficult at that point. I simply added the pockets before I attached the skirt front to the skirt back. The pockets were the only tricky part about this dress, the topstiching was excruciating at times (don't look at those seams too carefully lol). I handsew the side zipper after Tasia's instructions and finished the hem by hand also. This took a bit of time, but for me not having to listen to the machine but only the needle working is worth it all.

This was one of  the good bits of topstiching I could find on the pockets. Oh well../ Lähikuvaa taskujen tikkauksesta.
Had to fumble around with some embroidery too. I sew this on the neck facing and clearly need practice with it./ Nimikointi kaipaa selkeästi lisää harjoitusta.

Close up on the lace.

Täytyy sanoa, että tämä mekko oli helpoista helpoin ommella. Mekon kokoonpanoon meni ehkä yhden päivän verran ja helman viimeistelyyn noin tunnin verran (viimeistelin sen käsin ja koska helmaa riitti meni aikaakin hieman). Eniten pidän tässä mekossa siitä, että sain tehtyä koko mekon ostamatta uutta kangasta. Jonkun hylkäämät vanhat verhot tulivat uusiokäyttöön samoin kuin vanha pitsiliina. Ainoana uutena jouduin ostamaan vetoketjun, koska kirpparilta löytämäni oli muutaman sentin liian lyhyt.


  1. It is gorgeous! I wish I'd had such success with my first dress...or the one after that, even!

  2. Thank you Lisette! I have to give all the thanks to the pattern, it was so easy to sew up! I don't think I would've managed a more difficult dress this well this early on. But now I'll propably have the confidence to try one of those too!

  3. You have a lot of natural ability for a novice. Your dress is wonderful.