Monday, 28 March 2011

Finds from the Fair

I spent some quality time this weekend with my dear mother by visiting the Arts and Antiquities Fair that was held at the Turku Fair and Congress Center this weekend. There were lots of vintage sellers, handicrafts and vintage toys to go about. There was so much that I would've wanted to take home with me- just to think of all the vintage dresses and shoes!- but luckily for me the shoes were too small and the dresses too expensive. And since now I know how to sew vintage dresses (at least somehow) I tried to focus on the vintage sewing patterns. There were only two booths I could find that had vintage patterns and most of them were from the 70's. But since we went to the fair on Sunday who knows what treasures there were on Saturday! Better not think about that too much though, sigh... But not to worry! I took some patterns home with me and a pair of some adorable earrings!

Stil 6224 A wrap dress/apron from the 50's.
Simplicity 2823 Skirt, blouse and waist coat from 1979.
Stil 8777 Dress and an apron from the 70's.

Stil 8310 Wiggle dress with scalloped pockets from the 60's.

Stil 4055 A sheath dress from the 60's.

Stil 4033 Skirt suit from the 60's.
The pattern from the 50's was the only one without an envelope. Still it's never been used and in perfect condition! All the other patterns were in factory folds too and had no tears or wears on them. And all were in wearable sizes! (Well, not the 50's skirt, lol) Talk about some good luck! I'm already planning to make a nice cotton summer dress from the Stil 8777 and the Simplicity pattern will become a part of my fall lookbook. I think it has a resemplance to the 1940's skirt and blouse patterns like this one that I've hunted but not managed to find yet.

There were a lot of antique and vintage broches and some earrings too at the fair but I fell in love with the earrings and necklaces made by Anna Karppinen. She handpaints the earrings and uses lace to create the beautiful forms on the pieces. I bought these round seagreen lovelies but I think I must get my hands on some red ones too! You can find these from The site is in Finnish but just click on the Korut-tab to get a look at the jewels.

Lace patterned earrings. LOVE!

Mum had an urge to clear out some of her closets so I volunteered to take the old fabric remnants from past sewing projects of her hands (a real sacrifice on my part that was! lol). What I got was old sheets (great for muslins!), a piece of lace and an old lace collar and some purple shell fabric. And now I have a terrible urge to go rummage around thrift stores for some more fabrics! Or maybe I'll just stay inside and out of the blizzard (spring! where are you?!) and trace some patterns. Have a great week!


Kävin viikonloppuna Turussa järjestyillä Taide- ja Antiikkimessuilla, jonka yhteydessä oli myös Kädentaitomessut sekä vanhojen lelujen osasto. Numismaatikoiden pöydillä oli lisäksi mahdottomat määrät vanhoja rahoja, myös niitä ihania Paavo Nurmia ja Väinö Linnoja, nyyh.. Mutta todelliset aarteet löytyivät messujen vintageosastoilta. Mekkoja, kenkiä, laukkuja ja korsetteja oli vaikka millä mitalla, mutta itse yritin keskittyä vanhojen kaavojen metsästykseen (yksi korsettiliivi oli tosin jo kädessä, mutta jäi kuitenkin ostamatta). Lopulta löysin kahdelta eri myyjältä vanhoja Stil-kaavoja, joista kotiin päätyi lopulta 5 kappaletta. Lisäksi löysin yhden ihanaisen Simplicity-kaavan, josta tulee osa syksyn vaatevarastoani. Kädentaitomessujen puolelta puolestaan löytyi Anna Karppisen suloisia koruja, joita voi ostaa myös netistä osoitteesta Mutta nyt piirtämään kaavoja puhtaaksi!

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