Monday, 2 May 2011

Inspiration week 3: Granny

It's time for my most favorite inspiration, my own grandmother! My granny is someone I will always look up to, and whose values I will always try to uphold. She grew up in a humble working class home and spent her early twenties during the WW2. She met her true love during those years and ended up spending 55 happy years with my beloved grandfather. They had five children together and before her passing she became a great-great-grandmother. My granny and grandad were the embodiment of love and I can only hope to maybe one day have a glimpse of that myself.

I wanted to share this with you because it was my gran who inspired me to really start blogging. The name of my blog Malmikon palmikot  is a tribute to her. Malmikko was her maiden name and I wanted to honor her roots by using that name on my blog, and on my apparel too. Palmikko refers to braids or cable knitting, and it rhimes with Malmikko. The name of the blog can be translated into Malmikko's braids.

My granny and her friends in 1940. She's the second from the left with the lovely neckline embroidered dress.

A summer day with friends (and adorable button details!).

Looking classy on Tähtitorninmäki.

Gran and granddad around 1943 behind the Barker weaving-mill.

Who's your inspiration?


Tämän viikon inspiraationa on oma rakas mummini.

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  1. Wow, it was so neat to learn about your inspiration! Your grandmother was beautiful and I love how you named your blog after her.